A Lesson in Reaching Out for AT&T Fails

Yesterday I, and many other AT&T customers got an email sent to them from an Exec telling customers how important and valuable we are and how AT&T continues to work and invest to improve its network. The letter invited customers to head over to a Facebook page to offer feedback. Nothing wrong with that strategy. In theory.

Well the theory backfired big time, and in my opinion, AT&T completely misjudged the anger that its valuable customers have and the damage to its brand. I don’t think they will have that judgment problem much longer. The Facebook page is filled with complaints that not only surface that anger, but often spew quite a bit of bile. If the intent was to gauge where they really were, AT&T got more than they bargained for. Certainly there’s some piling on going on as well. Intriguingly, AT&T required users to “Like” the page before they could leave a comment, and this raised hackles even more, and certainly kept the page viewable every time someone left a comment.

Talk about a clueless attempt at customer service. This is one heck of an exercise in getting more than you asked for.