Amazon Prime Instant Videos Free for Paying Prime Members

Amazon introduced Prime Instant Videos today, a new Prime benefit that allows members to watch more than 5,000 movies and TV shows for free. Amazon typically rents or sells videos via its Instant Video service.

Existing Prime customers may or may not be able to watch all of the free movies and TV shows however. Only those who are paying for Amazon Prime will be able to stream all of that content for free. Those who’ve taken advantage of free Prime offers, such as, will have to pony up $79 to access ┬áthe Prime Instant videos without paying for rentals.

A quick glance at Amazon Prime Instant Videos selection shows that many of the films can also be found in Netflix’s streaming library. Those who are happy with Netflix probably won’t find enough reason to pick up Amazon Prime solely for the free movies.

Like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos are heavily weighted towards older films. The latest Hollywood video new releases still premier first on DVD or On Demand cable services.