Android 4.3 Update Rumored for Early July

The long rumored, and recently teased, Android 4.3 update release could take place in July according to a well placed tipster.

Android 4.3 is the next most likely version of Android, a minor upgrade to Jelly Bean that appears to bring a few new Android 4.3 features likeĀ a new camera app and will bring support for Bluetooth Smart, which will make more Android devices compatible with devices like the Fitibit Flex and other Bluetooth accessories.

Earlier this week Google announced the HTC One Nexus edition will join the Samsung Galaxy S4 Nexus edition on the Google Play Store on June 26th, bringing the Nexus experience to two of the Best Android smartphones and joining the Nexus 4.

This morning a well-connected HTC source shared that the HTC One Nexus will get Android 4.3 soon after its release. LlabTooFer shares many pieces of HTC news ahead of any official announcement, and he seems very confident about the timing of the HTC One Android 4.3 update, going so far as to call it “confirmed”.

In addition to sharing this news he also stated that the HTC One Nexus edition will ship with Android 4.2.2 on board in late June, a bump up from the branded HTC One with BlinkFeed and Zoe which is running Android 4.1.2.

If this information is spot on, we would also expect the rest of the Nexus devices including the Nexus 7, Nexus 4 and Samsung Galaxy S4 Nexus to get the update and new Android 4.3 features in mid-July.

The HTC One Nexus is "confirmed" to get Android 4.3 within a few weeks according to a well-placed HTC leaker.

The HTC One Nexus is “confirmed” to get Android 4.3 within a few weeks according to a well-placed HTC leaker.

If LlabtooFer is correct and we can expect an Android 4.3 release in mid-July this would line up with the first anniversary of the Nexus 7 hitting retail stores. While there is no mention of the tablet, Google could use an event sometime in this three-week period to announce Android 4.3 features and the rumored Nexus 7 2 tablet.

Google did not announce the Android 4.3 update at Google I/O as many expected, but the company recently teased an Android 4.3 release in the new Gmail video, where the time reads 4:30. This is a small item, but the company has a history of showing the Android version in the clock near the release.

The video above shows what appears to be Android 4.3 running on a Nexus 4. The video is short, but shows us a slightly redesigned camera app. There are no other Android 4.3 features shown on the video.