Angry Birds Go Brings Mario Kart Gameplay to Mobile Gamers

Mobile gamers looking to get their fix of Angry Birds have a new title to download and play.  Angry Birds Go, the arcade racer that promises to take on genre kingpins like Mario Kart, is available for free on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

Announced earlier this year, Angry Birds practically borrows from Nintendo’s entire Mario Kart playbook, allowing users to choose their favorite birds and custom abilities to race against friends.

Overall, there are 50 of these bird-driven soap box cars to earn and choose from — by earn I do mean pay for. While early reports of the game indicated that users could expect the game to include small micro-transactions to encourage users to pay for cars and other small trinkets, early reaction to the game’s final version indicates that Rovio, the game’s developer, might have went a little too far in attempting to solicit money from users.

angry birds go

In fact, most of the game’s extra purchases were priced at $9.99 in the iTunes Store, users could also exchange real money for in-game currency to purchase more karts. Users are also encouraged to purchase physical toys, or what it call’s Telepods. These telepods unlock even more characters in the game. The Angry Birds Go Deluxe Telepod Multi-Pack Play Set is available on Amazon for $22.99.

That is a shame since the game’s graphics and play mechanics are excellent. Users can choose between controlling carts with their smartphone’s accelerometer or with touch, making it easier for users to adopt the play-style that best fits their established habits. To celebrate the Angry Birds Go worldwide launch, Rovio has added a new launch trailer to its website for users to enjoy.

As of today, users with an iPhone, iPod touch and even iPad can enjoy the game. The Android version of the game is also compatible with phones and tablets alike. Unfortunately, there isn’t a version of the game for Windows RT, leaving Windows Phone 8 owners as the only users who can enjoy the game in Microsoft’s ecosystem.