Apple Accidentally Teases iPhone 6, but Don’t Get Too Excited

Apple’s indicated that some of its mobile apps are optimized for iPhone 6, but that doesn’t mean an all-new iPhone is on the horizon. Industry insiders and analysts don’t expect to see a drastically redesigned iPhone worthy of the iPhone 6 moniker next week. Instead, Apple will likely launch the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C at a media event on September 10th.

iphone_6_optimized-app-storeIn the App Store, descriptions of several apps state that they are optimized for the iPhone 6, rather than the usual iPhone 5 notice. Apps with the ‘optimized for iPhone 5’ notice are designed to take advantage of the newer iPhone’s larger display. A similar notice for an iPhone 6 would hint at a new model with an even larger display. Unfortunately, the iPhone 6 notice appears to be some sort of technical glitch, as The Verge pointed out, that’s mostly affecting App Store descriptions outside of the United States. The iPhone 6 compatibility language can be seen by some users on Apple’s iMovie, Pages and Keynote  apps, as well as on some third-party apps.

iphone-6-itunes-app-storeiPhone history says that we have at least a year to wait before a completely new iPhone. For the past several years Apple’s released new iPhones in a tick-tock pattern. After the original iPhone launched in 2007, Apple followed up with the much-improved iPhone 3G in 2008. The iPhone 3G featured a new back, 3G data speeds, improved headphone jack design, better camera and could run third-party apps at launch. The next year’s iPhone 3GS looked identical, but had faster wireless technology an even better camera and up to 32GB of storage. The iPhone 4 was a complete overhaul in 2010, while 2011’s iPhone 4S was a relatively minor upgrade. The iPhone 5 was the most exhaustive iPhone redesign yet, complete with a larger display, 4G LTE wireless technology, 8MP camera and new Lightning connector.

iPhone accessory manufacturers are indicating the iPhone 5S will fit inside of iPhone 5 cases in online store updates. The iPhone 5C will likely feature the same screen dimensions as the iPhone 5S, though its plastic back will likely have different dimensions.

There are rumors swirling around that Apple is exploring the possibility of launching a new iPhone with a display as large as six inches, but such a drastic redesign isn’t expected until at least 2014.

Above is a preview video of iOS 7 Apple’s arguably biggest launch of  2013 will be iOS 7, which is a complete facelift of the company’s mobile operating system.