Apple Tablet Rumors Continue. JooJoo Allows for Higher Price for the Myth

apple_tabletYes, we’ve got more Apple Tablet rumors floating about, begun by yet another analyst. This time the rumor says Apple will be gearing up production on a 10 inch device (old news) in February for delivery in March or April. It also says Apple has been talking to publishers (again, old news) about delivering content on the device in a move against Amazon.

Yawn. I still think the last round of rumors that put any possible Apple Tablet off until later in 2010 are probably more accurate. I also think that the recent Crunchpad/JooJoo ruckus probably left Apple smiling and counting potentially higher profits. Given that the JooJoo is now targeted at $500, this gives room for Apple to up their entry price for the Tablet. Many were predicting (hoping) for a price range of $700 to $800. I’m guessing the Cupertino bean counters are now thinking $999 is the sweet spot thanks to the JooJoo. I mean if a web only device is costs $500, what would a device with more capability be worth, especially when you are a high end retailer?