Apple to Introduce iPod Touch 3G This Month?

A new rumor is circulating that Apple may introduce a new iPod Touch model this month that would add cellular mobile broadband connectivity in addition to WiFi this month. The move would essentially make the 3G iPod Touch a device that’s similar, but smaller, in function to Apple’s iPad with 3G. Though the iPod Touch would have access to mobile broadband networks, like those from AT&T and Verizon Wireless for example, it would lack the ability to deliver voice calls unless those calls are made over a VoIP service.

News of this comes from an anonymous source and is being reported by AppleInsider. Apple is said to have worked out data plans that don’t require a long-term contract with its partner carriers, like with the iPad, which would give users the flexibility of starting and stopping their data plan anytime they wished.

As the 3G mobile chipset on the iPad model with mobile broadband connectivity commands a $130 premium over the standard WiFi model, it’s unclear if Apple would follow similar pricing when it releases an iPod Touch 3G.

Rumors of an iPod Touch with 3G connectivity are not new, and according to the latest rumor, it’s still not certain that Apple will announce such a model, but that the changes ‘should make it.’ The design of the device should be similar to the current generation iPod Touch model, and Apple may introduce a white and black front bezel, similar to the iPad, with the new introduction.

As Apple is beginning to leverage the cloud through its iCloud service, having a 3G radio may be beneficial to users to maintain constant connectivity.