Apple Working on 4-Inch Display for iPhone 5 – WSJ

The iPhone’s 3.5-inch display is looking a bit small to some users, and according to multiple sources Apple may finally introduce a larger 4-inch display in the new iPhone this fall.

This isn’t the first time that We’ve heard about a larger iPhone, in fact many analysts and publications expected a larger iPhone last fall.

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According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple is coordinating with LG, Sharp and a third company representing three Japanese firms to order larger 4-inch displays.

According to the suppliers Wall Street Journal spoke to the new iPhone manufacturing would need to start one nd a half to two months before an iPhone 5 release date, ruling out a June launch at WWDC next month.

Watch Juro Osawa discuss the iPhone 5 timeline and potential for a larger iPhone 5 display in this video.

We have seen many small leaks including a few internal parts claiming to be for the iPhone 5, and we have also seen a number of great looking iPhone 5 mock-ups with a 4-inch display, but so far we have not seen any conclusive evidence regarding a larger screen on the new iPhone.

Making Sense of 4-inch iPhone 5 Rumors

Most of the sources claiming to have inside knowledge about a 4-inch display on the iPhone 5 also include information that discredits them.

iLounge claims the new iPhone will have a 4-inch display, but also that it will come with a new aspect ration and a new smaller dock connector. iLounge has access to insider sources, but it is difficult to believe that the iconic Apple dock connector will change without any additional corroboration.

4-inch iPHone 5

iLounge claims this is what a 4-inch iPhone 5 may look like.

Other rumors claim that a 4-inch iPhone is a done deal, but that it will launch in June, an unlikely time considering Apple will likely announce iOS 6 and new MacBook Pro models at WWDC, not the iPhone 5.

Will Apple Ever Make a Larger iPhone?

While many users clamor for a larger iPhone display, Apple may not increase the size. One argument says that the 3.5-inch display is perfectly suited for one hand operation, as shown in the illustration below.

no four-inch iPhone

Larger screens inhibit one-handed iPhone operation.

With a higher resolution Apple has kept pace with the competition and thanks to the current ecosystem, and success of the iPhone 4S, with no changes in appearance, Apple may stick with a smaller screen size.

While Android phone sizes are growing closer to that of a small tablet, in a poll of 2,760 readers, 54% say they want a 3.5 inch Android smartphone, so Apple’s consumer research may show that most users don’t really want a larger smartphone.

What size smartphone display is perfect for you?