Apple’s App Store Now Home to Over 200,000 iPad Apps

During its Q2 earnings call today, Apple confirmed that its App Store now boasts over 600,000 applications and that 200,000 of those are applications specifically designed for the company’s tablet device, the iPad.

The company also confirmed that the App Store as a whole generated $1.9 billion in revenue during the quarter although the company declined to give specifics on how much money came from music and how much came from applications.

The 600,000 application mark is up from the 520,000 applications that the company disclosed by in March, a sign that growth of Apple’s software marketplace is not slowing down.

Apple's App Store Now Home to Over 200,000 iPad Apps

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Apple CEO Tim Cook and Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer took the time to single out the success of the iPad, noting that the App Store is now home to 200,000 applications that are meant to run on the tablet device.

Cook also noted that the iPad has sold 67 million times since the first version of the slate debuted back in 2010. A lot of that success has likely derived from the shear amount of iPad applications that are available as soon as the user powers up the device for the first time.

And now, with the new iPad’s Retina Display and faster processor, applications not only look better but they perform better as well.

The growth won’t slow down either as the App Store is not only lucrative for Apple but for developers as well. Apple has paid out billions to app developers.

Apple announced that it sold 11.8 iPads in its fiscal second quarter representing a 151 percent increase in iPad sales over the same quarter in 2011.