Are These Netbook OS’s Getting Your Blood Pumping?

picture-13With talk of Dell’s Mini 10V running Android CupCake, Moblin 2.0 beta being released, HP’s Mini 1000 Mi, Unbuntu‘s Netbook Remix, and Windows 7 taking users where Vista could never take them, it has never been a better time to be a mobile user. Here’s a quick run-down on my personal experiences so far.

I’ve found HP’s owned packaged version of Unbuntu in the Mini Mi to be very restricting and driver unfriendly. Add-ons won’t install in the browser, and to do anything with the OS, you have to drop down to a command line. I wouldn’t recommend to anyone that they buy a Mini Mi – go for the Windows version of the Mini 1000 instead.   I have not given Moblin 2.0 or Unbuntu Netbook Remix a test drive yet, but will over the next couple of weeks. I’ve used Android on a G1, and I don’t see a compelling reason to port it over to a Netbook. I love Windows 7 on a Netbook. It has provided me with a consistent operating and application environment across my many devices, as well as giving me a no-compromise performance experience.   Being the tablet pc kind of guy that I am, I’ll likely stick with a Windows 7 install across my tablet pc and mini-mobile computers.

Have you been experimenting with these varous OS’s in your mobile computers? What are you liking the best / least? What do you think will be the predominant OS on netbooks and MIDs?