Artist Creates Pad for Inking on iPad

We’ve heard of gloves, we’ve heard of socks, we’ve heard of all kinds of things that allow Inkers and artists to work with Digital Ink on the iPad. Now we’re seeing someone try to make some hay out of this. John Basberg has artists in mind with the design of his Artist’s Pad. It essentially is a piece of cloth (an amalgam of several textiles actually) that goes between your hand and the iPad screen, keeping those stray Ink marks off the capacitive screen when a part of your hand touches the screen.

Basberg is asking folks to signal their interest and when he finds 1000 folks who want one he’ll start production. The Artist’s Pad isn’t just a flat cloth, but is designed to curl your pinky around a portion of the cloth so that it moves easily with your hand.

All well and good, and certainly its a solution. Given that the latest Inking app was (as of last night) at the top of the App Store’s charts there is interest in Inking on the iPad (as there will be with other slates in the future. And why not, the size of the device is perfect for note taking, drawing, sketching, etc… But in my opinion, these stop-gap measures, while offering a solution, serve mostly to point up the fact that the cost of developing the hardware and software solution to work on slates of this size are more than folks doing the work want to invest for what they see as a very limited market opportunity. Maybe that will change, but I’m not holding my breath.

Via Yanko Designs