ASUS R2E Product Info

ASUS R2E ASUS has posted a new product page for the ASUS R2E Ultra Mobile PC. This system really excited me! It has a 7″ SunRead “glare-proof” touchscreen, built-in 3G module, fingerprint reader, 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth and WiFi, all running on Windows Vista. For me, one intriguing element is the ASUS InfoPen. Although the pen in the pictures appears to be a standard stylus, the website claims that the DigiPen features an eraser end and mouse control buttons. If so, that would be pretty remarkable in this class of device. I can’t wait to try out the inking on this. There are extensive pictures on the ASUS site, including all angles and every port. Unfortunately, it looks like the heat exhaust goes out the bottom side, so expect to get warm while using it.

I also love the case that is pictured. There is apparently an external TV tuner/antenna module available, so you can watch TV from anywhere. This usage model gives me the ease of a very small clamshell computer with a keyboard, but the flexibility to go slate style with just the unit itself. Bring it on!

via JKKMobile

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