iPhone Apps Used in Atomic Tom Subway Video

Atomic Tom pulled off a very successful marketing stunt by performing on a Subway with iPhones in place of their instruments. Some of my friends and family members asked me what applications they’d need to buy to replicate Atomic Tom’s Take me Out performance. Here’s a list of the apps with links to the Apple App store and demo videos of each app.

So far, Atomic Tom’s video has pulled in well over 1.3 million views on YouTube. Each of the apps are relatively simple to learn compared to picking up a real instrument. If you’ve ever played in a band or have a few years of music lessons under your belt you can probably emulate each part.What makes this video work however is that these guys are talented and know how to put on a show. These apps won’t make you a rock star, but they are fun and you can have a band in your pocket for  just under $5.

Drums: Drum Meister,by Seung yi Lee, $1.99

Guitar: iShred, from Frontier Design Group $.99

Piano: Virtuoso Piano Free HD, free from PeterB, Pro version available for $.99 (shown below)

Bass: PocketGuitar  $.99 from Bonnet Inc.