AT&T Accused of Systematically Overcharging for Data

A class action lawsuit is alleging that AT&T is systematically overcharging customers on data usage. After running tests, the lawyers behind the suit say that on almost every transaction there is an over charge. In addition, as a part of their testing, they found that a brand new iPhone, that had just about everything that could cause a data transfer turned off for a period of days, yielded 35 transactions that counted against the accounts cap.

And that’s where this story become intriguing-data caps. We all know they are with us currently and probably for some time down the road, but as you can see in the video, we’re not always aware of how our devices consume data that counts towards that cap. Of course AT&T says the suit is without merit and we (or rather the complainants) don’t understand how these things work. Hmm? I guess my response to that is two-fold. Certainly it is a customer’s responsibility to know what they are agreeing to, but it should also be incumbent upon the seller to make sure we know exactly what it is we are agreeing to. Caveat emptor.

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