AT&T Data Breach Exposes Data of iPad Users

The Internet was a-broiling late yesterday with news that a data breach at AT&T had exposed the data of 114,000 iPad users. The breach involved the users’ email addresses that were exposed with the ID of the phone known as the ICC-ID. AT&T of course when to great pains to say that the breach had been closed, but the story gathered legs when some of the email addresses that were revealed included celebrities, military and government officials including the White House Chief of Staff.

AT&T also took great pains to say that only the ICC-ID and email address were exposed, but obviously the incident calls AT&T’s security into question for many. The problem was exposed by a group called Goatse Security who notified AT&T.

AT&T is used to taking lumps these days and of course this is another big one. Despite AT&T’s explanations the New York Times is quoting a security expert that “users should be worried a lot” given that the security lapse could lead to other info being divulged including the iPad’s location.

Early reports of this, including Gawker’s initial posting jumped all over Apple for the problem (remember Gawker is the company that owns Gizmodo, the site that purchased the “stolen” iPhone) but Apple seems to be letting AT&T fight the gathering storm and hasn’t commented publicly yet.

Via Gawker