AT&T Getting Ready for Titan II? HTC Titan for 1 Cent!

With AT&T leaking the HTC Titan II release date not too long ago, apparently it’s time to clear the stock out.

The HTC Titan is now on sale on AT&T’s website for 1 cent!

The HTC Titan is really a great piece of hardware. I have really enjoyed using it on and off for the last few months and If I was still an AT&T customer, I wouldn’t have any issues continuing to use. Fortunately, AT&T customers have two really hot Windows Phones in the oven right now, the HTC Titan II and the Nokia Lumia 900. Both are really nice, but you can’t go wrong with a phone that’s really not that far removed from being the Windows Phone “Top Dog”.

The deal is for $0.01 after a $199.98 instant online discount and requires a 2 year commitment, as usual.

If you compare the HTC Titan to the upcoming Titan II, there aren’t many differences, but the differences are pretty big. You have LTE on the Titan II and HSPA+ on the Titan. If you aren’t in a LTE market, there’s one reason to get the Titan over the Titan II. The camera on the Titan II has 2x the megapixels (16) than the camera of the HTC Titan. I can tell you from experience, the HTC Titan’s camera is no slouch at 8 megapixels. The difference in battery size isn’t huge and probably not enough to compensate for the LTE battery drain. In theory, the HTC Titan should outlast the HTC Titan II in battery life assuming that LTE is used with the Titan II.

If you are interested in this deal, head over to¬†AT&T’s Website.