AT&T Offers Extends Unlimited 3G for iPads…by a Hair

AT&T’s new 3G plans for the iPad are rubbing a lot of people the wrong way. With the unlimited 3G plan sunsetting on June 7, some people are scrambling to buy 3G iPads and activate unlimited plans to avoid being relegated to 2GB per month. But it’s pretty tough to get your hands on an iPad, and even more difficult to find a 3G version. The New York Times Bits blog is reporting that AT&T will allow those who order an iPad before June 7 to sign up for an unlimited plan.

If you plan on getting an iPad 3G, now’s the time to do it. Starting on Monday, it’s going to get really expensive to buy and use an iPad 3G on the go. It’s much easier to eat through chunks of data with the iPad than on the iPhone or other smartphones. If you plan on streaming music or video over 3G you’ll be treated to hefty overage charges.

Many, including our own Warner Crocker, are displeased by AT&T’s recent announcement, but at least they’re giving a fraction of an inch while taking a foot.