AT&T Releases Documentary to Discourage Texting While Driving

Humans are funny creatures. We often know something is bad or harmful for us and yet do it anyway. Everyone knows that texting while driving an automobile is not a smart thing to do. But so many still do so. It seems to have become one of those things we all know and say but still think on some level that the advice doesn’t apply to us in some circumstances. Heck, lots of money is being spent to further technologies that allow us to deal with these kind of messages while allowing us to keep our hands on the wheel. Well, rationalizing our behavior is one of the games we play with ourselves through our lives.

AT&T has put out a documentary called “The Last Text” featuring some folks who have seen their lives and the lives of their loved ones affected by terrible tragedies caused by texting while driving. AT&T is also running a campaign seeking pledges from folks that they wont’ text and drive on New Year’s Eve as a part of the “It Can Wait” campaign. You can take that pledge at this link.