AT&T Switches on 3G in My Area

Don’t know how far this reaches yet here locally, but by shear sheer accident I discovered that AT&T had switched 3G on in my area of Winchester, VA yesterday. When I left the house in the morning my phone was still showing the big E for EDGE. But later in the day, I had left the theatre and headed into Winchester (about 13 miles away and where I live) for some prop shopping for our production of William Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors. While on those errands, I was checking something on my phone and just happened to see the little 3G symbol showing. Surprise. Making sure it wasn’t a dream, I checked this morning and it is still showing 3G service.

Now the reason I’m saying this was an accident is that   I normally keep 3G turned off on the phone since there was no 3G coverage here locally. But over the Easter weekend when I visited my mother, I turned 3G on to take advantage of it while I was on the road. Normally I switch it off again when I return home. But it has been a busy week and I didn’t do so. Had I switched it off, I wouldn’t have noticed the change yesterday.

I didn’t notice if this was on or not while I was at the theatre yesterday (again 13 miles away) so it will be interesting to see if it is when I get in this morning after a few more errands.

UPDATE: One block. One lousy block. Coming in to work this morning I noticed that the 3G coverage extended into Middletown, 13 miles away. But not exactly. At the stop light (our only stop light in town) one block away from the theatre the coverage switched to EDGE. Ah, well.