AT&T to Allow T-Mobile Customers to Retain Current Rate Plan After Contract Expires

In a move to ease regulatory approval and hopefully win over the opposition–which includes the Department of Justice, seven state attorney generals, rivals such as Sprint and Cellular South, and others–a leaked T-Mobile document answers what happens to current customers’ rate plans once the acquisition happens. According to that document, AT&T will allow current T-Mobile customers, as it had stated in the past, to maintain their current rate plans for the length of their contract and even after the contract expires on a month-to-month basis granted the customers doesn’t switch to another plan.

According to AT&T, the customer can maintain their rate plans “even when their term ends and the service continues on a month-to-month basis.”

What’s still unclear is if the customer can renew that contract when it comes to upgrading their handsets. With upgrades, customers generally must sign a new two-year service agreement and AT&T has still not gone on record to answer if those customers can have their old terms or if new terms will apply. In the past, within the AT&T network, customers who have old rate plans can keep those grandfathered rate plans even when they sign on to a new two-year agreement to upgrade their phones in most cases.

Via: TmoNews