Bad iOS 6.1 Battery Life, Other Bugs Plague iOS 6.1 Users

iOS 6.1 bugs such as bad battery life, poor reception and busted auto-brightness are leading some users to ask if they can go back to iOS 6 or hoping for a swift update to iOS 6.1.1.

Apple released iOS 6.1 on January 28th after a short lived iOS 6.1 GM, and based on one developer’s stats nearly 50% of iOS users upgraded to iOS 6.1 in the last 7 days.

In extreme cases, we are seeing bad battery life on iOS 6.1 that drains the battery to almost 50% in less than six hours.

Based on reports of bad iOS 6.1 battery life, cell signal issues and an auto-brightness feature that doesn’t work as well as it did on earlier version of iOS, Apple could have spent a little more time working on the iOS 6.1 update before release.

While iOS 6.1 on the iPhone 5 performed well in our initial tests, the iOS 6.1 bugs appear to be affecting devices differently

Bad iOS 6.1 Battery Life

The biggest issue for iOS 6.1 is the bad battery life that is impacting the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad mini and other devices.

Bad iOS 6.1 Battery Life

An example of bad iOS 6.1 battery life.

Several members of the Gotta Be Mobile team are experiencing bad battery life on iOS 6.1. Below are the observations from several team members.

  • iPhone 5 Verizon – one to two hours less battery life.
  • iPhone 5 Verizon – 10-15% less battery life at the end of the day.
  • iPhone 4S Verizon – Extreme cases, 45% battery used after 2 hours use, 4 hours standby.
  • iPhone 5 AT&T – 20% reduction in battery life on iOS 6.1.
  • iPad mini and iPad – Both dying earlier in the day for one of our writers.

Readers chimed in sharing that their iPhone 5 battery life is worse on iOS 6.1 and that the iPad mini battery life is “terrible,” after upgrading to iOS 6.1.

Other users saw iOS 6.1 battery life improve on their devices, and in our iOS 6.1 review Editor Adam Mills did not notice a change.

There are a numerous reports of bad iOS 6.1 battery life on the Apple Support Forums. Some users are reporting that bad battery life on iOS 6.1 is solved by backing up their iPhone and performing a restore.

Bad iOS 6.1 Signal Strength

We are also hearing reports of sub-par singla strength on iOS 6.1, with users saying that the 3G signal is worse on iOS 6.1. Reports on Apple’s Support Forums don’t single out one carrier or device, but we’ve heard that the AT&T iPhone is experiencing signal issues for at least one reader.

Apple just fixed WiFi issues on the iPhone 5 and iPad mini in an update last month. Hopefully Apple can push a small iOS 6.1 update to fix signal problems.

Busted Auto Brightness on iOS 6.1

Another iOS 6.1 bug appears to be a broken auto-brightness setting. On the iPhone 5, the auto brightness feature is not dimming the screen correctly after the iOS 6.1 update. This bug is not present on all of the Gotta Be Mobile team member’s iPhone 5’s, but it may be the cause of bad iOS 6.1 battery life for some users.