10 Best Moto Z & Moto Z Force DROID Cases

With the impressive modular Moto Z Force DROID and Moto Z available now, and the unlocked model coming soon millions of buyers are likely looking for the best Moto Z cases. While the phone has a unique modular system with snap-on accessories, cases are still something most owners will want to consider.

There are dozens of case makers, but only a select few are worth considering. Below we’ve round up a list of what we’d consider some of the best cases from top brands we know, trust and have used in the past. These cases are available now or coming soon. Everything from thin cases, serious protection, wallets, kickstands, cheap TPU and more.

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There are countless official accessories mentioned above right from Motorola and Lenovo, a few of which are snap-on covers or battery cases. However, none of those actually wrap around the edges and protect the screen. Which, as you all know, is the first thing that gets damaged on a phone. With that in mind, here are some excellent cases for the Moto Z Force, and most are also offered for the Moto Z as well.

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Buyers will want to get a micro-SD card, extra USB Type-C cables, battery packs and even USB Type-C headphones for the smartphone, then look for the perfect case to protect the screen. Since it isn’t an Apple or Samsung device the options are somewhat limited, but we’ve still been able to find some great options from Tauri, Otterbox, Speck and other well-known brands.

Motorola’s lineup has an all-new design that’s made of glass and metal, the most premium Moto device to date. There is also a huge camera bulge on the back, which helps hold all those neat mods like the projector or JBL speakers in place, and most of these cases will snap right over the camera hump for a perfect fit.

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As of right now the Z and Z Force DROID are available exclusively from Verizon Wireless in the United States, and the regular Moto Z will be released in the near future unlocked for all carriers. So, get one from Verizon or wait for the unlocked Pure Edition. Once you have a Moto Z, get one of our cases below. Most are for the Force, but almost every brand making a case has them for the regular Moto Z as well. It’s the same phone, only thinner. So thin that you might actually want a case to have a better grip. Hit the slideshow below to see some great Moto Z Force DROID cases.

Moto Z Style Shells

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Moto Z Style Shells

Rather than focus on everything Motorola offers for this phone, we'll mention the Style Shells once and continue on with actual cases.

The Style Shells add that level of customization to the Moto Z that Motorola users have come to love. Leather, wood, nylon, carbon fiber and more all beautifully finish the back of the phone. They snap on with magnets, are held in place by the camera hump and fit like a glove. The only problem is they don't protect the screen too much, but are still a decent option for those interested.

Head to MotoMaker.com for more details.

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