BestBuyCMO: CrunchPad Will Be a Hit! Oh Yeah!

The Twitter Tracker at Silicon Alley Insider is not as entertaining as the one from The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien (Twitter Tracker! Oh Yeah!), but it’s, what’s the word, useful. They grabbed this gem from BestBuyCMO (that’s the chief marketing officer of Best Buy, Barry Judge) who claims to have just met with the “chief blogger” at TechCrunch, who they speculate is Michael Arrington.


Just met chief blogger at Tech Crunch. Talked about the Crunchpad and saw a prototype. Great looking device, think it will be a real hit

That’s not a solid commitment by any means, but a CMO should not be throwing out sweet tweets like that if they don’t intend to follow up with shelf and page space. That would be a no-no for the CMO of the BoBo. Oh Yeah!