Better Pictures and Mobile Video For The iPhone

image Something that has been around for quite a while in cell phones is now big news in the iPhone world.  The new 3.0 MP Camera and Video recording features in the iPhone are going to hit a sweet spot to iPhone users.  I personally find that the current camera isn’t half bad, under the right conditions it can be quite good IMO, but finding those ‘right conditions’ is sometimes a real pain.  This new camera with autofocus and white balance will help out tremendously.

There are some fancy features that make the upgrade to the iPhone stand out.

1.  Camera focus using the touch screen — the camera operator can use the touchscreen to ‘touch’ the preview on the screen to change where the camera is focused.  This might make for some very interesting photos.

2. On device video editing — it was mentioned during the event that with a touch of a finger you can edit the video.  This would be cool if you take a video, cut out a clip, send it via MMS or email to family and friends while on the go.

So while this should have come with the release of an earlier version of the iPhone, it’s going to be here soon and if it works as stated I’m sure the new features will be a welcome addition to the iPhone.