Bing Is Missing Real Time Search

Ok, maybe I’m being a bit overly optimistic here, but with all the focus on real time search these days, I was hoping that Bing would bring some of that to the table. Hoping that Microsoft was a step ahead of the game, I did a search for the Bing video that I uploaded to and about an hour ago – not there. I even limited the search terms to bing and gbm shortcut. Still nothing. What’s there are a lot of videos about Bing Crosby and Lazy Town and one video about Bing being introduced yesterday – not relevant and not real time for sure. I also did a text search for the article tying in GBM Shortcut and Bing from the title of my post – nada.

Doing a search in Bing News for “gbm shortcut bing” brings up nothing. Doing a search for “gbm shortcut bing” in Google News brings up our video. See the screen shots after the break.

Bing Search
bing search results