Offers 50GB of Free Cloud Storage for iOS Users

Life is all about the Cloud. It might actually someday be about iCloud if Apple’s servers can catch up. (We’re still waiting for that to occur around here.) But, life is all about moving your files to the Cloud these days. iCloud is supposed to be a big move for Apple, but it probably won’t be replacing services like DropBox or anytime soon. Once Apple lets others hook into its iCloud we might see some of that, but at the moment, iCloud only offers a place for your contacts, calendars, photostream (as opposed to photos) some documents, and few other goodies to go back and forth between the Cloud and your devices.

What services like Dropbox and have been offering is Cloud Storage. Dropbox is the acknowledged leader here in my view simply because so many Apps have hooked into the Dropbox API that makes moving documents and files around so easy. But started making a name for itself with the launch of the HP TouchPad by offering a free 50GB of Cloud storage to TouchPad and webOS users. Well, as good as that was we all know what happened to the TouchPad.

But is back in this big week and weekend of the iOS and iPhone 4S launch, preparing a promotion that will offer iOS users 50GB of free Cloud Storage. The promotion kicks off tomorrow at 12 noon Pacific Time and runs for 50 days. To take advantage of it, you need to download the App and access your account or set up a new one from the App on your iOS device. But once that’s done you can access it from any device. has updated its service so you’ll be able to include AirPlay streaming of videos and photos and music. I’m betting this will be a big hit.

Apple’s iCloud tosses in 5GB of free storage when you get started but an equivalent 50GB will set you back $100 a year. Dropbox charges you beyond 2GB and for 50GB you’ll pay $10 a month.

If this takes off look for to hustle up on releasing and API for other Apps to take advantage of its service.