Business Week Rumor on Verizon and Apple Tablet Makes No Sense

We’ve seen wacky Apple Tablet rumors before and this one has to qualify as one of the wackiest in my opinion. According to a Business Week report (that is filled with caveats by the way) Apple is in talks with Verizon to bring an iPhone Lite phone and what is being called a ““media pad” to market this summer. Supposedly it is bigger than an iPhone and smaller than a Kindle but with a larger screen and is all about consuming media (music, photos, video) and be able to place calls over Wi-Fi.

None of the device speculation seems out of bounds based on every other rumor we’ve heard since rumors began surfacing. What seems strange to me is the carrier issue. For Apple to go with another carrier other than AT&T before the exclusive iPhone contract is scheduled to end next year would mean that they are willing to force the large fan boy and early adopter base to take on another carrier contract in order to play ball. In Business Week’s many caveats they mention that this may just be a negotiating ploy on Apple’s part and that may be the case and who really knows what is what as we head into the final run up to summer.

I’m not buying this round of rumors.