Can Hip-Hop Bring Touch Computing Mainstream?

Touch computing is still a relatively geeky subject, which is why I was somewhat surprised to see the HP TouchSmart featured in a new Black Eyed Peas video. I’m not sure if this is a paid product placement or not, but it did get me thinking about how influential hip-hop artists are and whether one key to popularizing touch computing is getting the likes of P.Diddy, Jay Z and to rap about touch.

This Black Eyed Peas video starts and ends with a of the HP TouchSmart. Towards the middle of the video, one of the artists interacts with the TouchSmart’s UI. Movies, TV shows and music videos regularly show fictional UI’s, but the tech shown in this video is available today.

You might laugh at the idea of rappers promoting touch computing, but stranger things have happened. A year ago, who would’ve thought that P.Diddy would join Larry King and Ashton Kutcher to talk about how he has 600,000 Twitter followers?