Cartoons and Netbooks: Made for Each Other?

another-netbook-for-kids-say-hello-to-doraemon-portable-monkeyGiven that the origin of Netbooks can be traced back to the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) intiative, I think it makes evolutionary sense that Netbook marketers aim for the children’s market. Certainly Intel’s Classmate PC, and some of the things that Athena are trying take that into account.

Japanese company KuroKids must think so too. While they aren’t making their own Netbook, the are using a version of the Classmate and adding some cartoons into the mix, specifically this theme from the Japanese comic Doraemon. Apparently there were only 800 made intially. Wonder if we’ll see this trend continue.

Via x-gadget via Portable Monkey via Liliputing