CES 2010: Best pen input demo at the show

SansungCaricatureSmallSamsung really went all out this year at CES with display areas dedicated to all sorts of little details, like the various aspects of their mobile phone platform, and demos that go beyond their field, such as an artist doing caricatures in digital ink.

On a PC hooked up to three monitors, the work of an artist drawing caricatures of visitors was clear to see by artist, model, and passer-by alike. Sitting there, unable to see what the artist is drawing, is limit of traditional caricatures vaulted in the digital age. Not only does this digital system allow a model to see what’s happening, but it’s possible for the artist to undo or erase missed strokes as they happen.

The artist here was using a Wacom Bamboo pen tablet and used it quite well despite its small drawing space relative to his work’s appearance on the screen. The software was Alias Sketchbook Pro, not sure what version but it was branded as Alias so it pre-dates the current version by Autodesk. I would have put myself on the waitlist, but I had eReaders to see. Guess I’ll just have to draw my own.