CES 2010: Gorilla Glass, best-kept secret in mobile tech

gorilla_glass_bendGot to break some things at CES today: little pieces of glass (in plastic sleeves to keep pieces from flying everywhere). It was a test of other, weaker pieces of glass compared to all-mighty Gorilla Glass, the best kept secret in mobile technology.

How secret is it? If you have a Droid, you’re protected by Gorilla Glass and yet standing up to a hammer against the screen is not listed as one of the things that “Droid Does.” The guys showing it couldn’t even provide a list of devices that use it. (I do not recommend the hammer test to see if your device has Gorilla Glass.)

We at GBM were first introduced to the simian see-through when Motion Computing offered it as an option on the F5 and C5 tablets. The side-by-side comparison then looked pretty impressive. I confirm now that it is just that tough. Whacked a sample with the same hammer that shattered its competition and couldn’t do more than warp its plastic sleeve. I don’t know why this technology isn’t advertised as a fantastic feature; it should be.