Chad Essley’s Tip for Better Inking on a Tablet PC

chadexmapleChad Essley is one of the best Tablet PC advocates out there and great cartoonist. He recently sent me a tip he discovered to do away with what he calls “ugly, jagged, ink” on Tablet PCs. Smooth Inking is important to artists who use Tablet PCs. Here’s what Chad had to say:

I made a recent discovery that you might want to post to GBM, that’s
been bothering me for many years. Since the birth
of the tablet pc, actually.

The Wacom penabled driver for the tablet pc, has always conflicted
with windows pen services, making for some slight incompatibility.
“Ugly, jagged ink” as stated in the GBM forums by quite a few users,
along with lag in XP.  (For which I created TabTip Tamer.)

I just discovered that this driver: PenTablet_520-7a.exe -made for the
bamboo tablets, works fantastically on the TabletPc, and Windows 7.
I got it here, at Wacom Asia:
(Actually I remember the old Cintiq 17″ tablets using a compatible pen
with the tablet pc, so I suspect any driver for the old Cintiq 17″
monitors would work.)

No more jagged lines in the tip, full pressure sensitivity and smooth
pressure in all of my drawing apps. Whew! I’ve been waiting literally
years and years for this little thing to get ironed out.