Cheap, Simple Way to Manage Cords

I use several notebooks and my tablet on my 8 ft. long desk. Cord management can be a challenge when I disconnect one to head out. There are way more cords hanging around than I’d like. One of the most frustrating things that happens from time to time is that my cords fall off the back side of my desk and get all tangled up. A big clumsy guy like me crawling and fumbling under a desk is a sight to be seen. I’ve been procrastinating on implementing a solution for about five years, but finally found a simple and cheap way to fix this problem for good.

As soon as I get back home to San Francisco I’m heading out to buy a bag full of 1″ binder clips. A friend of mine emailed me the photo below and it’s just what I need. How do you manage cords on your desktop?