Cloud Computing Concerns: How Concerned Are You?

clouds1Since the first time someone started talking about Cloud Computing there have been concerns over privacy, the security of your data, and other issues. The recent Amazon flap over deleting books seems to have spurred a new round of examining the hazards of having your data in the cloud.

One such article from the NY Times and another from Venture Chronicles looks at some of these hazards or as the Times article labels them “real dangers.”

I don’t think anyone can deny that Cloud Computing as it stands today is in any way free from difficulties. That’s simply because what it is and what it will become is evolving literally before our eyes. I’ve thought about this in terms of my own usage, and I’m as reasonably comfortable as I can be with how I take advantage of the cloud today. I also know that how I do so will continue to change as does the technology, and I guess as do the “real dangers.” Again, there are issues of access to that data, security, and privacy issues, among others that can be of real concern depending on your situation. My rule of thumb when it comes to having my data accessible and safe is a simple one. If it is important to me, I have a local copy of anything I have in the cloud. I can’t see that changing. I’m reevaluating my password and security strategies currently.

So, how concerned are you about Cloud Computing? I’m curious to know how GBM readers view some of these issues beyond the hyperbole and in their real world scenarios. Let us know.