Comcast To Offer Wireless Broadband

Comcast is getting ready to roll out Wireless Broadband as yet another product it has to sell. Initially using Sprint and Clearwire’s WiMAX network, the service will be called High-Speed 2go and will be offered in cities where Comcast has its cable service already established. It will be a slow roll out (and I’m guessing that’s because that’s due to the slow space of the Sprint/Clearwire rollout). Initially, only residents of Portland, Oregon will be able to take advantage of the service, but is scheduled to roll out in Atlanta, Chicago, and Philadelphia by the end of 2009.

Comcast will offer its own laptop modem to hook up and it will be free with a contract (naturally) and cost $99 if you want to go month to month. Supposedly if you switch from a current plan, Comcast will waive the cost of the card. The card switches between 4G and 3G speeds, which is a good thing since there isn’t a lot of WiMax 4G out there.

Yes, there are going to be caps (5GB on 3G) and bundling offerings with Comcast’s other services. Om Malik seems to think that this will offer some competition for the existing carriers. I think he’s right. I think he’s also correct in that the success will depend on how quickly Comcast/Sprint/Clearwire can expand the service.