Compal Set to Deliver 2 Million Windows Phones to Nokia Beginning September

It looks like although Nokia will be designing the design and mechanics of the company’s new Windows Phone 7 devices, those devices will in fact be manufactured by Compal, much like how Apple uses Foxconn to manufacture the iPhone. News out of Taiwan language news sources suggest that Compal will begin shipping finished Windows Phone 7 devices to Nokia beginning this September, and that the Finnish smartphone-maker has already ordered 2 million units for the fourth quarter at this time.

It’s unclear if Nokia’s Windows Phone called Sea Ray will launch in the U.S. Recent speculations suggest that the company may have other devices planned for the U.S. market, but won’t launch Sea Ray in the States.

The September ship date would be in line with what we’ve heard for a possible October launch of Nokia’s debut Windows Phone 7 device at the company’s Nokia World conference. October is also the time frame for the mobile industry’s CTIA Fall conference, which is taking place in San Diego, and a mention of Windows Phone may occur there possibly.

The 2 million order for the last quarter does seem soft, especially since Nokia managed to squeeze 5 million Symbian^3 units of sales in the most recent financial quarter. However, given the change to an entirely new mobile operating system, platform, and ecosystem that still is new and hasn’t taken off in the last year, Nokia had warned that it may take a while for momentum to pick up.

Given that the units will begin to arrive in September ahead of Nokia’s speculated announcement time, hopefully this means that the company can begin fulfilling customer orders as soon as an announcement is made. Given that Nokia’s market share is slipping, and the company’s venture into an entirely new territory, it’s important for the phone-maker to be timely in delivery and not miss expectations.

Via: Unwired View