Concept iPhone Watch Straps iOS to Your Wrist, Pairs to iPhone

Smart watches gained traction in 2011, at least in the minds of geeks like me.

Smart watches may are also growing in the minds of consumers as we saw a number of smart watches at CES 2012, including the WIMM watch which I am wearing right now, more on that watch later today.

The one thing missing from the smart watch landscape is an iPhone compatible smart watch. Currently Apple has the Bluetooth controls too locked down, making it impossible for smart watches to push notifications from the iPhone to a smart watch.

If the iWatch 2 ever makes it to market you won’t have to worry about lack of features, but this highly spec’d and slick looking watch is just a concept and would be ridiculously pricey if it hit a store shelf.

iwatch2 iPhone smartwatch

This smart watch concept pairs to the iPhone.

The iWatch 2 is an iOS compatible smart watch that is running something that looks a lot like iOS, complete with slide to unlock.

As for specs, the iWatch 2 doesn’t leave anything out. You get,

  • Front facing camera
  • mini LCD projector
  • 32GB hard drive
  • Large screen
  • Bluetooth and WiFi
iwatch2 ios smart watch

Check out the fornt facing camera and mini projector.

This concept is pretty cool looking, but a screen like that is going to burn through batteries faster than most 4G LTE smartphones.

The concept comes from ADR Studios, which has some sweet looking ideas, including an iPhone concept that caught our attention last year.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have this watch on my wrist, but with all these specs and such a large screen I’d need to take out a second mortgage and stick near a power outlet. Maybe in a few years this will be more of a reality.

Via iDownloadblog