Dan Bricklin’s Note Taker App for the iPhone

NoteTakerDan Bricklin (if the name sounds familiar think VisiCalc) has decided to tackle one of the most difficult challenges for note taking on the iPhone platform. That challenge is being able to scribble notes with your fingers. There have been many who’ve tried before Mr. Bricklin. Being a lover of digital ink, I’ve tried quite a few, and most leave me disappointed. Bricklin’s app (by the way it is called Dan Bricklin’s Note Take App does offer some new twists that might lead to a better attempt. I say might, as I’ve just barely tried this out, so I’ll have to see as time goes along.

The big difference here is that you aren’t restrained to the small screen when you are trying to finger ink a note. If you’ve ever tried inking on an iPhone you know what I mean when I say that the small screen just isn’t suited well for this, especially if you have fingers larger than tiny. In essence the screen become a virtual screen. You write with your fingers and what you write appears in small ink behind that virtual screen. If you attempt to ink a word that is larger than the area on the screen a virtual box pops up, you continue inking in that box and your inked text keeps appearing in line as you intend it too. There’s a free lite version and the full version costs $1.99.

There are a number of controls and buttons to allow the process to work for you, and again, I’m just trying this out so I haven’t gotten too deeply into this yet.

I picked this up from Loren Heiny who has given it a more thorough going over and has quite a bit to say about it.  Bricklin has his own write up about the app here.

I’m not convinced the iPhone’s small screen is suited for this kind of note taking, but I’ll be anxious to see how I feel about this app once I’ve tested it out a bit more.