Dan Bricklin’s Note Taker HD for iPad adds Palm Rejection

Dan Bricklin’s excellent Note Taker HD App for the the iPad just became more excellent. The most recent update added a number of new wrinkles, but the one that has me the most excited is that Dan added Palm Rejection. He calls it a Wrist Guard. For those that are unfamiliar with the App, I’ll point you to this GBM Shortcut from Matt Dillon where you can check it out in action.

Note Taker HD has two distinctly different input methods called Edit 1 and Edit 2. Edit 1 allow you to Ink into a box (you can see this demonstrated in the Shortcut above) and your Ink appears above you on the page. (That’s a simplistic description but watch the video.) Edit 2 is where the “Wrist Guard” comes in. You turn it on our off in the settings. When turned on, your hand can rest on the screen while you ink with the stylus.  You’ll notice that you get one line at a time, or one section of the screen at a time. There’s a little diamond that follows you down the screen as your notes begin to fill up the page.

Note Taker HD is and has been an excellent Inking app for the iPad. Adding Palm Rejection (Wrist Guard) is another big step forward. It looks like this works primarily for right handers, but depending on how you hold your pen, it might work for lefties. This app takes some working with to get down all that you need to know if you are a serious Inker. I’d highly suggest taking the tutorials.