Dell – Your Customer Support Has Failed Me Big Time

As I mentioned last week, I had to send my Dell Latitude XT in for repair due to a faulty N-Trig digitizer driver install. A series of  installs had messed up the firmware on the digitizer so badly that the system no longer recognized it. Fortunately, the XT is still under warranty, so all I had to do was call Dell and have them replace the digitizer. That took several phone calls, running diagnostics over the phone, etc. I had one support rep tell me that my Latitude XT was not a real PC. I had another rep tell me that the diagnostics was taking too long to run, so I needed to call them back when it was finished.

I was finally able to get a decent support rep who expedited my issue. Dell sent a box over the next day and I promptly shipped the Latitude XT off to them. A week later, I received the Latitude XT and imagine my disappointment to find that they did NOT fix the system at all. The digitizer still did not work, and from what I could tell, they didn’t touch anything on my Latitude XT. Frustrated, I called Dell again. They arranged a second pickup. The box came the next day, and I promptly shipped the system back to them. Another week later, my Latitude XT finally came back to me repaired. That’s two weeks with no PC, 3 to 4 hours on the phone, dealing with something that should have only taken 1 phone call and 1 shipment.

This morning I was doing some digging around Windows 7 RC and noticed that the system properties on the XT was reporting only 1 GB of RAM. I knew I had sent the Latitude XT in to the repair facility with 3 GB. So, just to make sure Windows 7 wasn’t flaking out on me, I popped the memory panel open off the back of the XT and sure enough the DIMM B slot was missing my 2 GB DIMM. Beyond frustrated, I called Dell yet again to find out what happened to my missing memory. I just finished spending 30 minutes on the phone with their repair facility going over this issue. They told me that they will try to locate my missing RAM, and if they can’t find it, that they would ship me a replacement 2 GB next day.

Dell, your technical support and repair facility has been an utter failure for me and has left me being one very disappointed Dell customer. This latest mishap, coupled with my overall experience with the Latitude XT, has me looking at anything but Dell when it comes to buying new systems for myself and my small business clients.