How to Disable Lock Screen on Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4

All new Android smartphones and tablets come with some form of security when it comes to the initial lock screen when you first wake up or turn on a device. The slide-to-unlock method is the most popular, not to mention the pattern unlock shown below. And while many love these features not everyone wants a lock on their device.

From setting a custom pin, pattern, password, or even facial recognition these can be very secure, but also in the way, and frustrating for many users. If you’re one of the many that wants to just tap the power button and instantly use your phone without any lock screen of any kind, read on for a quick guide on how to disable it. Most notably on the popular new Samsung Galaxy S4 or the larger Note 3.

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 11.30.10 AM

The instructions you’ll fine below to completely disable the lock screen on your Galaxy S4 or Note 3 are extremely simple, and is nearly the same for almost all other Android devices. While some manufacturers change the settings or interface to some degree, the same general location and instructions can usually be applied.

How to Disable Your Lock Screen

To start, you’re going to need to locate the menu button on your device. Which for the Galaxy S4 and Note 3 is the capacitive touch button to the left of the hardware home button in the middle of the device. Tap menu, and then head into system settings. This can also be done from the “gear” shaped settings button in the notification pulldown bar, or with the same icon found in your app tray.

For those wanting a visual explanation the image below has numbered each main step you’ll need to disable the lock screen on your smartphone. The Galaxy Note 3 settings look slightly different, but the same “My Device” tab at the top will quickly get you into the options for lock screen. From here you simply select screen lock, and choose the method of your choice. You’ll also see a quick list of instructions details below.

Menu > System Settings > My Device Tab > Lock Screen > Screen Lock > and select the last option “None”


It’s also worth noting that in the middle of the image above is “Secured lock time” which will let you select how long before the screen is locked. If you still want a lock screen method for some level of security, but don’t want to use it every single time you wake your phone. You can set it to only ask for a pin (or unlock method) after a certain amount of time. Here we have 10 minutes. So only after 10 minutes of inactivity will the lock method activate. This removes the lock when you’re constantly using your phone, but will still give you security when you leave the device sitting around.

Should You Disable This Feature?

As with most settings and options on a device, this completely depends on the users specific needs. Some might want or even need the security of a lock screen, while others find it a nuisance. However, with smartphones and tablets becoming more and more a part of our daily lives, not to mention having access to Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Banking apps and more, some level of security would be a good idea.

If you’re using a company device, this is likely a requirement, but for general peace of mind we’d recommend at least the PIN method to provide some level of protection and security.