Early Impressions on Windows 7 RC

inkThe Windows 7 Release Candidate is in the hands of MSDN and TechNet subscribers and is due to roll out to the general public on May 5. Assuming Microsoft’s servers can handle the load you should be able to grab it next week. I find it intriguing that several blogs and publications are pointing out that the expiration of the Release Candidate isn’t until June of next year, so you essentially have a year to use Windows 7 for free if you install the RC.

I managed to install it on several devices last night and I really see no surprises based on a very early look see. The Beta of Windows 7 was very solid and I wouldn’t expect to see the RC slide back from that and it doesn’t appear it has. Things feel very solid and snappy. I did a clean install on each device, which is something I always recommend when installing an OS.

I don’t have a touch device handy to check out the touch features, but I’m hoping we’ll hear from Rob on that soon. That said, the improvements for the TIP and Inking are as solid as they were in the Pre-Beta and Beta (InkShow viewing of that here.). Do note that you may have to install a driver or two in order to get some Tablet functionality working, so you be aware of that.

Again, I’ve barely worked with any device that I’ve installed this on so I’ll report more as I do, but in the meantime if you’re getting ready to install the RC, Ed Bott has a list of handy things to know and do as you prepare.