eBook Readers Strike Back at Publishers Trying to Maximize Profits

now(1)There’s no question eBook reading is on the rise and as is the case with just about every segment of the media consumption game, those who control the content are getting nervous about their bottom line and profits. Random House and other publishers are trying to hang on to their existing publishing revenue streams (hardcover, followed by paperback) and add eBooks to the tail end of the chain by delaying the release of eBook editions until later. Customers aren’t buying it in this “we want it now” age apparently,  and Amazon is becoming a platform for some protest.

Turns out Kindle owners, angry that they can’t get the new best sellers they want right away are piling on with one star reviews of delayed books, dropping the overall review ratings.

This will be an interesting trend to follow in the future, as publishers and content producers try to maximize their chances of making dough while customers rebel against moves that seem to run counter intuitive to the digital consumption on demand model. Of course the middle men who are changing the games like Amazon, Apple, etc… are probably very happy to see the customers get riled up over this.

Via jkOnTheRun