enTourage Edge Dual Screen eBook and Tablet

Dual screen devices with and without a hinge in the middle seem to be all the rage these days. So does a device running Android. As we await the offical word on the oddly named “Nook” from Barnes & Noble, and everyone stays curious about the Courier Tablet concept, we see this from enTourage.

The enTourage eDGe is a dual screen device with an e-ink screen on one side and an Android Tablet on the other. It looks a bit clunky to me in these pics. The screen is the same size as the Amazon Kindle DX (9.7 inches) and the Tablet interface lets you take notes with a stylus or a virtual keyboard on a 10.1 inch screen. WiFi, Bluetooth, with 3G optional are your connectivity choices, but the product page mentions that you need to move books using a USB thumbdrive or SD card. According to Gizmodo it will set you back $500, although the site lists a range of price options depending on the color you choose.