Eric Schmidt Confirms That Google is Working on Tablet

Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt confirmed to folks at a party in LA that Google is working on a Tablet and confirmed that it will probably “not get it right the first time.” Coming from the company that made Beta famous, Schmidt is basically saying that Google will continue the trend that we’ve seen with so much new hardware of late. It’s all Beta hardware and users get to pay for the privilege.

Of course Schmidt also said that Apple’s iPad probably wouldn’t get it right the first time either and that both companies had the “next two to three years to figure it out.

Makes you feel good about looking to the future now doesn’t it? But I guess when you’ve got all that cash lying around you can afford to market Beta Hardware like it is the real deal to suckers like us.

Schmidt mentioned that the device will run Flash and I’m guessing that’s the reason for the loose lips given the Apple/Google war that’s going on. Another source said that the Google Tablet would be running Chrome. Keep in mind, we’re hearing about both Chrome at the same time that Android Tablets are popping up all over, or at least are being touted as popping up all over. Whatever happens it will be a bumpy ride I’m sure.

Via The Bits Blog