Everyone in the flexible display pool- here comes Nokia

Yesterday is was LG Display announcing its 19″ e-ink display, today is Nokia.nokia-patent

According to the post on Engadget, Nokia has published a patent:

Covering a “user interface, device and method for a physically flexible device,” the application details (among other things) how a flexible display might be used on a phone to do things other than make it more portable. Most interestingly, that includes bending the phone into a particular shape to perform a specific task — Nokia suggests rolling it into a can to search for a bar or pub, or bending it into a bowl to search for a restaurant.

With all of the new ideas Nokia discussed at their CES keynote, its anyone’s guess where this new technology will fit.  It could be something for their Nokia Life Tools applications, or it just could be the next evolution for their cell phone line.

What do you think a good use for this technology could be?