Farm Heroes Saga Cheat Unlocks Roadblocks, Unlimited Lives

An easy to use Farm Heroes Saga cheat lets users skip past the roadblocks that the developer puts in the way of playing the game, and can help users get unlimited lives without buying in app purchases and pestering friends.

Farm Heroes Saga is a Candy Crush style game that uses more on-screen challenges and power ups to increase the difficulty quickly, which means more waiting for lives to play the game.

We’re used to in-app purchases for power ups and upgrades, but the Farm Heroes Saga roadblock is a new one. After a user completes enough challenges the game will not let them play any more for four days. That’s right, the Farm Heroes Saga roadblock tells users to come back in four days unless they want to pester friends or use gold bars to unlock the next level.

Farm Heroes Saga Cheats let you skip past roadblocks and get unlimited lives.

Farm Heroes Saga Cheats let you skip past roadblocks and get unlimited lives.

This is an odd way to keep users playing, but it is helping the developer squeeze more cash out of the game and is also surely annoying Facebook friends that get messages asking for help getting past a level or for more lives.

There is an easy way to get past the Farm Heroes Saga roadblock without paying up or waiting four days. This Farm Heroes Saga cheat is the same one that people use to get more lives in Candy Crush.

Simply change the date on the iPhone or Android to four days in the future and the game will open up the roadblock. To do this go to Settings and change the date, switch to Farm Heroes Saga to verify the roadblock is gone and then switch back and change the date to the right day so you don’t miss any alarms and appointments.

Change the date to get more lives.

Change the date to get more lives.

This is exactly the same process to get more lives. Farm Heroes Saga allows users to get a new life every half hour, up to five lives. During this time the power ups also regenerate. This Farm Heroes Saga cheat for unlimited lives works the same way and can regenerate the power ups to help users get through harder levels.

Using either of these Farm Heroes Saga cheats can result in a longer time on the clock to regenerate lives through a normal time process, but advancing the clock will fix this again.

In game delays, social connectivity and in-app purchases are becoming increasingly common, but it still seems odd to get a message telling a user to quit playing for days. We would not expect this on a console game, and it is an odd addition to mobile gaming as well.

Farm Heroes Saga is available for iPhone and Android.