Former Psion Employee on the Psion Netbook Trademark Flap

psion-netbook The trademark tussle over the term Netbook continues to provide some interesting twists and turns. The latest is from David Hughes who is an ex-Psion employee as he tells a bit about how Psion let things slip through their fingers. Here’s an excerpt:

I remember playing with a pre-production netBook giving my feedback as to how I felt the EPOC OS should be adapted to work on the bigger screen and thinking we had a very cool device here. Psion used external design consultants Therefore for their hardware design, and the netBook was another triumph of industrial design.

As with the Series 3 and 5 PDAs that preceded it the netBook had a clever hinge that made the device seem to grow as you opened it revealing a keyboard that seemed larger than it should be. The hinge itself was wrapped in leather so it felt like carrying a leather book or Filofax. As well as an almost full size keyboard the netBook had a touch screen and solid state internals. Writing this now I realise that the Psion netBook really was ahead of it’s time.

A good read from Mr. Hughes that adds to the story.

Via Save the Netbooks