Free Games With Ads or Paid Apps Without? [Poll]

Unless you are living under a rock, you know that Angry Birds Space was launched last week for Android and iOS. Windows Phone was left out as I expected, but later on launch day, Rovio changed their tune and said they would be working on a Windows Phone version. My assumption is that some higher power with a large bank account made it easier for the makers of Angry Birds to justify developing a Windows Phone version.

Over this past weekend, my son asked if I could grab Angry Birds Space so I headed to the store that Google has put together that is stocked with Android applications, games, music, and more. To my surprise, Angry Birds Space was free. I am not much of an Angry Birds fan, but I do recall versions on Android being free where the iOS version wasn’t. These free versions are ad-supported. I decided to give the game a whirl and let me tell you, I would rather pay $2.99 or so for the game than have an ad in my way. Sure, the ad can be pushed out-of-the-way and it even leaves on its own eventually, but it’s still annoying and cheapens the game in my opinion.

I had my wife check on her iPhone and Angry Birds Space for iOS is $0.99 and is ad free. I asked her if she would rather purchase a game for that price or get a free game with ads. She doesn’t agree with me, she said she would rather get the free app because she gets bored with games so fast that she has no regrets when it happens. Almost 90% of all the games on her iPhone are free apps. Some are free with in-game purchases that she opts out of buying and some are ad-supported. I guess that if it’s a game I don’t expect to play much, free is good, but I would rather eliminate ads and support developers, especially smaller shops.

What about you?

The Google store I referred to in the second paragraph is the Google Play Store. I think it was a horrible name change.

Here are links to download Angry Birds Space.

Also, don’t forget about bonus levels through Wal-Mart.