Fujitsu shares the philosophy behind the Stylistic Q550 slate (video)

At first glance, the sight of Meinolf Althaus holding a hammer over a slate brings me back to Fujitsu’s earlier claim of “slate-beating”, but it’s all part of a presentation explaining the philosophy that guides their slate-making decisions with the upcoming Stylistic Q550 being the target. Of the lesson, not the beating.

So, not a whole lot of technical data here, nor is it clear how Fujitsu will make the Q550 intuitive to use. I agree with everything Althaus says, but theory and practice are two different things. The one screenshot of the overlay UI does not convey much, nor would anyone familiar with such systems believe an overlay automatically equals a good tablet experience. Hope to get concrete details soon. Good to hear the pen will play a key role though.

Via Engadget